Retro Film Festivals


Godzilla Poster

Godzilla (1954)

The Man from Planet X Poster

The Man from
Planet X (1951)

War of the Worlds Poster

War of the Worlds

The Day the Earth Stood Still Poster

The Day the Earth
 Stood Still (1951)

The Thing from Another World Poster

     The Thing from
Another World (1951)


Retro Film Festivals is a licensed cinema
organisation who bring the films of the
past to you. We strive to give you the
best experience possible and bring your
favourite classics to life once again. The
festivals we host each have a different
theme. This time around, it is Sci-Fi films
from the 50s. We are hoping you will
come down and enjoy the classics we
have in store for you. All screenings will
be held at Events Cinemas in Sunshine
Plaza, Maroochydore. Maybe Sci-Fi isn't
your thing. Maybe it's the Wild West
that gets your heart racing. Please check
our upcoming events for anything that
may interest you.

50's Sci-Fi and Monster Films

This time around, with the help of Caloundra New Line Cinema, Retro Film Festivals brings to you your
favourite sci-fi and monster film classics from the 1950s. With the new emerging entertainment
sensation of movies on the rise, the 50s saw a birth towards the sci-fi and monster disaster movie genres.
You can relive those days with Retro Film Festival's 50s Sci-Fi and Monster Movie Festival. Experience
the devastation of Godzilla, the mayhem of War of the Worlds or the thrill of the Man from Planet X.
A great monster terrorises the city of Tokyo. How will humanity fight this great beast? Can they stop the king of the monsters?
Come and see the great 1954 monster film classic, Godzilla.