Hello Miss Allgood’s art students,

Miss Allgood is unable to take your class for the next two weeks as she has had a fall and has injured herself. Miss Allgood has left some online material for you to complete in her absence. She has ask that you read all the material on the handouts she has provided and then you are to do the practical task for each section.

There are 3 different types of portraiture that you will be learning in the next 2 weeks. There will be 1 lesson spent on learning and taking in information about each of the three different types.

The first lesson you will be learning the basics of Portrait Painting, you will be reading a handout that I will provide for you, this will take up 2 periods of the week. The second lesson which will be a single period you will be learning how to paint portrait, this will be a practical lesson.

For your third lesson we will cover Portrait Photography, once again you will be taking in information from the handout I provide for you, this handout will be discussed over another 2 periods. The four lesson will be a practical lesson learning how to take portrait photos.

For your fifth lesson will be studying the third section of Portraiture, this is will be Self-portraiture. You will once again be studied over a double period. You will then spend a single on painting/drawing a self portrait of yourself.

For your final lesson you will be sitting a test, the test will cover what you have learnt in the past 9 periods of work. The test will only take 1 period to complete.


Lesson 1 - Portrait Painting
- Read Handout
- Complete Lessons Tasks

Lesson 2 - Portrait Photography
- Read Handout
- Complete Lessons Tasks

Lesson 3 - Self-Portraiture
- Read Handout
- Complete Lessons Tasks

Lesson 4 - Test
- Small Test