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Welcome to Caloundra Christian College

Situated at the gateway to the CBD of Caloundra City, Caloundra Christian College provides quality Christian education to the families of the Sunshine Coast. Since its foundation in 1983 as a ministry of Caloundra Baptist Church, it has grown to encompass families from all over the Sunshine Coast.

The College vision has always been to empower children to take their place as responsible citizens in society. Delivering that vision is a dedicated team of Christian teachers. They are highly qualified and motivated to provide a personally developed pathway for each learner.

Through the implementation of an effective, challenging and engaging curriculum, we promote the highest level of academic excellence and personal growth for each student in our College, through the atmosphere and qualities of a caring family.

Caloundra Christian College believes the foundations for life are established at home. When children enter school through the Kindy or Prep year, they come under the care of dedicated teachers who continue to build on this foundation for life through a Christ-centered view of education.