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Topic: Why this School?

Caloundra Christian College is a unique, christian school that varies from Kindergarden to Year 12. There are multiple different things that are available for every student which vary from many kinds of sports, to a great deal of different subjects. This website will help you explore the different things of Caloundra Christian College.

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Ph. (07) 5436 6777
Situated at the Gateway to the CBD of Caloundra City, Caloundra Christian College
exists to provide quality Christian education to the families of the Sunshine Coast. 

Since its foundation in 1983, as a ministry of Caloundra City Life Baptist Church, our College has grown to encompass families from all over the Sunshine Coast.  The College vision has always been to empower children to take their place as responsible citizens in society.

Delivering that vision is a dedicated team of Christian teachers. They are highly qualified and motivated to provide a personally developed pathway for each learner.  Through the development and implementation of an effective, challenging and engaging curriculum, we promote the highest level of academic excellence and personal growth for each student.  Our aim is to develop in our students the values of a life-long learner, self-discipline and the desire to serve God and their fellow citizens.

Caloundra Christian College is in easy reach of the beach and within the corridor of extensive sporting facilities offered in Caloundra.  This, coupled with our extensive computer network, sees us well placed to meet the future needs of our recreational/technological society.

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